Master Key Lock System

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    Master Key Lock System

    From the name itself, a master key is the master of keying systems.

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    This type of system has plenty of benefits, from superior and overall control of the system to increased convenience.

    Above all, it guarantees an outstanding level of security, which is why most enterprises decide to install them on their premises.

    Let us take a look at Pick4 Locksmith’s Master Key Lock System functionalities:

    1. Built on Restricted Keyway

    Lock systems are invented to protect someone and something.

    They are meant to ensure the occupants’ safety and safeguard stored valuable stuff.

    Master key lock system guarantees all-out services.

    Per se an unauthorized person attempts to copy your key, the culprit will not succeed.

    Only the trusted people have the keys; therefore, duplicating them seems malicious and threatening.

    With Pick4 Locksmith’s master key lock system services, control programs are crafted on a restricted keyway.

    This keyway is super effective in providing enhanced security because key blanks are exclusive, meaning they cannot be copied without your consent, nor can they be bought in local stores.

    2. Equipped with Key Serialization

    All keys have a unique serial number for easy identification and exclusivity.

    With the master lock system, the serial numbers can be tracked to their holders.

    In case of an unusual happening, the serial number can give relevant information regarding the key and other system parts.

    What’s more, it is always accessible through a software called cloud-based key tracking.

    This tracking feature is like a brain that knows the number of keys, key holders, and their degree of importance.

    3. Operates on Rekeyable Lock Technology

    The master key system promotes convenience by operating on a rekeyable lock technology.

    Administrators will no longer need to bring key sets because of the idea that one key can access multiple doors.

    Additionally, it lessens the possibility of calling a locksmith because of the tightened security and convenience.

    This type of technology offers a variety of advantages.

    It promotes efficiency and doubled productivity.

    For instance, you can rekey the locks exclusively if the key has been lost.

    4. Equipped with Key Control Software.

    Master keys can be monitored using key control software.

    It enables 24/7 tracking of issued keys, and of course, the master keys.

    The software is a cloud-based platform accessible anytime, as long as authorized.

    There will be a particular website where you can control and track these keys.

    In addition, all information is real-time updated for a complete overview of the situation.

    The ability to track keys through one centralized software is undoubtedly an excellent benefit for the business.

    As administrators, it is crucial to understand and always be informed of what is happening around the premises.

    Choose Pick4 Locksmith for your Master Key Lock Systems

    Master key locks prioritize security over relationships.

    The system itself is biased to provide the utmost security for your business.

    Installing a master key lock system is essential for you as a business owner to avoid any trespassing problems, which would cost you a lot.

    One instance of a troubling situation is a fired employee with grudges against your company.

    You cannot avoid this to ensure that there are no key duplicates to maintain the security system.

    With its restricted keyway and serialized description, you can ensure that duplicates are not possible.

    Moreover, this key system lessens stress in dealing with natural calamities and other unpredictable emergencies.

    No one can entirely escape these disasters, but you can depend on master key lock systems’ capabilities and resilience.

    With cloud-based tracking software, you can still monitor the whereabouts of the keys and their holders despite the troubling situation.

    Hence, you can brainstorm strategies to keep the business safer.

    Ultimately, the key tracking is most effective in identifying thieves.

    Due to its documented processes, time spent on the investigation will be reduced.

    It will also make the investigation easier because of the given evidence.

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    Let us help you make your business more safe and secure, promoting a convenient working environment for you and your occupants.

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