Mailbox Locks Replacement

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    Mailbox Locks Replacement

    Although mailboxes seem outdated for some, there are homes that still have mailboxes, and as part of the house, it is also important to protect them.

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    Most mailbox owners are complacent with the mailbox’s security, but what happens if it gets forced open or broken or you lose your keys?

    While mail theft is uncommon, records present 10,000 mail theft arrests in a year.

    Most cases concern broken locks for stolen personal items.

    Mailboxes contain significant documents, some of which are personal, but they are exposed to the public because they are outside the house or mounted on the outside wall.

    With your private life at risk, it is vital to ensure the mailbox’s state.

    Changing mailbox locks is easy, but some situations may need the assistance of a mobile locksmith.

    The process of mailbox locks replacement is quick and direct considering that they have simple mechanisms.

    Usually, they only have three to five little wafers inside that match key configuration.

    The mailbox lock has a small C-clip that inhibits pressure against the wall or door.

    To replace them, what we will do is remove the current lock and of course, replace it with a new one.

    Per se it got locked out, we will pick it and then replace it afterwards.

    If necessary, we will drill it for full access.

    After the replacing process, we will give you new mailbox keys.

    With a new set of keys, you can start anew with no fear of getting accessed.

    On the other side, you can opt to change it yourself if you have the means.

    Here are the three easy steps on how to do mailbox locks replacement.

    First Step: Buy a New Lock

    Before you change your lock, make sure that you read guidelines for lock replacing.

    Buy a new lock after gaining knowledge on how to replace them.

    To find the best mailbox locks, you can canvas many hardware stores or search online.

    Step Two: Remove the Existing Lock

    Of course, before replacing the lock, remove the old one first.

    It is easy to do, so you can do this on your own.

    However, if the key was lost, you have no choice but to contact a locksmith for key replacement or a mail person who has access to mailboxes.

    Once the mailbox is open, unscrew the but and take it off the latch.

    Afterwards, find the u-shaped pin inside and pull on the pin with pliers.

    Once done dislodging the pin, pull out the lock

    When you dislodge the pin, you can pull out the lock.

    Third Step: Install the new lock

    To install the new lock, you need to have the following items:

    • A pair of pliers
    • Replacement lock
    • Channel locks

    The first step in installing the new lock, remove the key from the keyhole.

    Put the new lock inside in the area where the old lock used to reside.

    You can replace the pin by using a pin or a nut.

    Either one is good.

    We recommend a nut because it attaches lock grooves more, increasing the security of the lock.

    Put the new pin around the lock. Then you can use the channel locks to help push the replacement pin into place.

    Moving on, replace the latch by placing it on the lock’s back.

    Next, screw the smaller nut on the end.

    Make sure to test the lock after to make sure you used the right size of the latch.

    The latch is too big if the key will not come out.

    Meanwhile, it is too small if it does not lock and it can be pulled easily.

    These are the steps on how to do-it-yourself mailbox replacement.

    Finally, you have a more secure valuable receiver now.

    Replace locks with Pick4 Locksmith.

    If you are not confident in doing the DIY method or the matter is more complicated than expected, call the experts for assistance.

    Pick4 Locksmith is a guaranteed locksmith professionals who are efficient in doing locksmithing services.

    We will make your mailbox more secure, as well as the overall house’s condition.

    We also offer you other locksmithing services like door closer and panic bar installation.

    When it comes to lock change and repair, we are proven excellent as evidenced by our customers.

    Call us now to start the job.

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