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    Lock Replacement Services

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    Are you moving into a new home and not comfortable with the initially attached locks?

    Perhaps your locks are already rusted; hence, demanding a replacement.

    Maybe you are having trouble finding your keys to the point of experiencing extended lockout.

    These are some common reasons, but there are more.

    Read along to know what are the other reasons that qualify for lock replacement services.

    Issues with Smart Locks – Aside from the traditional keys, you might also have a problem with smart locks.

    If not, you might consider installing a keyless entry.

    Upgrade to BS3621 lock – Some locks like BS3621 require upgrading for insurance purposes.
    Upgrades decrease anxiety and promote peace of mind, so you might want to try it.

    Keyed Alike – Some owners change their locks because there are keys alike.

    It is unreliable and critically risky, so better change it as soon as possible.

    Forgotten codes/password – If you are using advanced locks, there are tendencies that codes might be overlooked, or the system is not accepting the password entered.

    If you are having trouble accessing your modern type of lock, call us for assistance.

    If you are thinking about replacing your door locks, whether it is for your house or business, Pick4 Locksmith is always ready to provide you quality lock replacement services.

    A mobile locksmith can lock replacement services suitable for all door lock types in residential and commercial areas.

    The following are three usual types of door locks:

    Night Latch Fitting/Yale Type Lock

    The night latch fitting or yale type lock is the most common type of lock you can see in residential homes.

    You can observe it used in both front and back doors.

    It comes in different types and sizes, depending on where to attach it.

    Euro-Lock Cylinder Fitting

    The euro-lock cylinder fitting is the most popular type of lock installed in many door locks.

    This type provides the best security service to doors.

    It comes in various sizes and levels of security to adapt to its surroundings and required hardware.

    Also, this type has a thumb turn on the inside, meaning emergency exit is made more accessible, even without a key.

    Lastly, it has an interesting feature: the key can be re-keyed alike to suit other locks.

    Mortice Lock Fitting

    Mortice lock fitting has a lock mechanism normally inserted in the door frame, making it harder to pick open.

    There are two variations of this type:

    1. Mortice Sash Lock Fitting – To easily remember, a mortice sash lock fitting has a handle called a sash lock, where its name is derived from.
    Typically, this variation is fitted to a wooden door.

    It can be opened with a key, considering that it has a handle.

    2. Mortice Deadlock Fitting – On the other hand, a mortice deadlock fitting does not have a handle.
    While it is also commonly installed in a wooden front door, its lock mechanism differs because it locks inside and outside.

    It operates through a key and can be opened on either of the two sides.

    How much does a lock replacement cost?

    The cost of locks depends on the situation, and of course, the type and brand of locks.

    If you need an estimation of lock replacement cost, you can contact us for computations.

    We will ask you questions about the lock details like the brand and type to determine the possible accurate quote during our phone call.

    To add, we will also give you time estimations such as the locksmith’s arrival and replacement duration.

    When do you need a lock change?

    It actually depends on you when you prefer a lock change.

    If you are experiencing one of the reasons mentioned above, you might need to replace your locks already.

    It is for your enhanced security to consider changing locks, especially today, where intruders have more innovative ways to conduct unsolicited entry.

    Moreover, it is important not to be complacent and do DIYs because it jeopardizes your security.

    Pick4 Locksmith can help you with replacement services

    For quality lock replacement services, we, at Pick4 Locksmith, ensure to provide you an efficient and clean job for a friendly price.

    We are trained and equipped with the necessary tools to conduct professional locksmithing successfully.

    Call us now for estimations and assistance.

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