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    Lock Re Key

    For enhanced security and convenience, sometimes, changing locks is not enough.

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    Lock Re Key is one of the locksmithing services that homeowners pursue to decrease worrisome and increase comfort.

    It is troublesome to carry around a bundle of keys, invading your pockets or bags, heavy enough to bring to different places.

    Perhaps you do not want to risk the safety of your house after transferring into a new home.

    These two reasons qualify for a lock re key service.

    In this post, we will show you how to do a lock re key for your home.

    For sure, you will be surprised by how easy it is to do it.

    How a Lock Functions

    Before proceeding to lock re key, it would be helpful to know first how a lock works.

    A pin and tumbler lock is the most common type of lock usually found in doorknobs and deadbolts.

    It has a cylindrical plug that contains a lot of springs and pins.

    Note that the pins’ lengths vary to allow a particular key shape to be inserted and turn the lock.

    The length should be equal to the grooves’ depth.

    Meanwhile, to make a lock work using another key, you must disassemble the lock completely.

    Please do this by removing the pins, then, replace them with cuts similar to the cuts of your new key.

    When to do Lock Re Key?

    Reasons to do a lock re key are unique because people have different situations.

    However, the most typical reason for doing it is when your keys have been stolen or lost.

    It is done to ensure that the lost keys will never enter the home premises for malicious attempts, which would risk the safety of the family members.

    Aside from home protection against thieves, locks are often rekeyed for extensive access to spouses or partners, children, renters, or housemates.

    It will enable them to enter the house using their duplicate keys without any hardships.

    To re key your locks, you only need to prepare your pin and tumbler lock and follow these steps:

    1. Re Key Kit Preparation

    The first thing to do is prepare your equipment.

    Buy a rekey kit similar to the brand of your lock.

    It should have the tools you need to actualize the lock removal and installation.

    Also, it must have a set of varying pin sizes.

    2. Door Knob Removal

    To do the second step, align the holes in the cylinder.

    You can either turn the knob counterclockwise while holding it or insert then twist the key a little to the right.

    After the holes have been aligned, put the remover tool.

    Then, press and pop the knob until it separates from the shank.

    3. Cylinder Removal

    After the door is removed, proceed to remove the cylinder from the inside.

    Please remember to remove the cap on the back using an appropriate tool if your knob has one.

    Once done, push the cylinder from the front to the back.

    Proceed to remove the C-clip that holds the cylinder in place.

    4. Key Plug Attachment

    For this part, remove the key plug first from its housing using the tool called follower tube found in the kit.

    Then, attach it to the back portion of the cylinder.

    Next, insert the key and turn it 45-degrees.

    Push the cylinder plug from the cylinder itself, resulting in the plug follower left inside the housing to hold the components in place.

    5. New Pins Insertion

    Before inserting the new pins, disregard the old pins first—you will not need them anymore.

    Insert the new pins based on the kit’s instructions.

    Ensure that they are flush on the plug’s top section.

    6. Plug Replacement

    Insert the new plug into the cylinder, and as you go, you are pushing out the plug follower, too.

    Once inserted, test the key to ensure that it is accessible.

    Afterward, altogether remove the follower and replace the C-clip.

    7. Door Knob Reattachment

    Reattach the knob to the door by inserting first the cylinder into the knob itself.

    8. Lock Testing

    The last step would be to test the lock to know it works.

    Re Key your keys with Pick4 Locksmith

    Those are the steps to conduct a Lock Re Key.

    We are confident that you can do it!

    However, if complications arrive, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

    If you need a mobile locksmith in Markham, we are always ready to be of help.

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