Panic Bar Installation in Markham

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    Panic Bar Installation

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    In the commercial world and business industry, safety is always a chief concern.

    Face-to-face offices are enormous, with many employees working inside.

    To ensure their safety in case of emergencies, buildings are monitored and should be credited safe.

    Included in the safety precautions is an easy exit for the occupants.

    In case of emergencies like fire or natural disasters, these doors are safe egress to protect lives.

    Panic bar door lock play an essential role in saving people’s lives.

    Read more in this post to clearly guide the panic bars’ specifications, applications, purposes, and more.

    Panic Bar’s Purpose

    The purpose of a panic bar is to provide safe exits in case of an emergency.

    Derived from its name, people will panic upon knowing that there is a crisis.

    To aid these crowded situations, panic bars are designed to quickly enable the occupants to get out of the building.

    It decreases the risks of any harmful circumstances like injuries from debris and more.

    Panic Bar’s Functionality

    A panic bar is an emergency exit hardware required on commercial doors.

    They must be installed in every building for them to be allowed to operate.

    Other names of panic bars relate to their functionality, such as push bad, panic device, or crash bar.

    It works by unlatching the door without the need for a key or other complicated methods to open it.

    It does not need any unlocking maneuvers like pushing levers and twisting.

    Panic bars are designed as a spring-loaded crossbar that is horizontally fixed across the door’s interiors.

    With this, occupants will be able to see it more clearly and open them outward.

    Panic Bar’s Benefits

    Panic bars have plenty of benefits apart from their innate safety purpose.

    They are affordable and required for building compliance.

    Also, it is an efficient exit for high buildings.

    Panic Bar’s Regulations

    As mentioned earlier, panic bars are required in every building, especially if it is a high and big building.

    The mandatory fire exits are at least two for big establishments with many occupants.

    The state regularly inspects these exits if they are functioning well.

    It has strict compliances that must be followed throughout the building’s operation.

    Some dictations include its installation and places.

    Panic doors should be opened from the inside without the need for a key.

    Additionally, it should be pushed at all times.

    The hardware has specific standards that must be met according to each state’s requirements.

    For example, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has its respective safety precautions that institutions must pass during inspections.

    Furthermore, make sure that the hardware installed meets or better exceeds the recommended ratings by Underwriter Laboratories’ researches.

    They are the ones responsible for ensuring that the building is ready for fire emergencies.

    Panic Bar’s Specifications

    Panic bars have particular specifications depending on the type of building.

    Below is the outline for the panic bar’s main specifications:

    • The crossbar of the panic bar must measure at least half of the door’s width. Meanwhile, balanced doors require a push-pad panic device that measures more than half the width.
    • The panic bar is mounted between 34 to 48 inches from the floor or the building’s threshold.
    • There should be no other locking hardware installed or attached like padlocks or chains on these emergency exit doors. Nothing should prohibit the occupants from accessing the door immediately.
    • The door must weigh 15 pounds or below for unlatching.
    • It should pass the ADA compliant to cater to people with disabilities.
    • It must have both controlled egress and delayed egress exit points.
    • It should be fire-certified hardware, labeled by manufacturers as “Fire Door to be Equipped with Fire Exit Hardware.”
    • Other requirements include the testing of the panic hardware for resistance in case of tornadoes and hurricanes.

    Panic Bars and the types of doors

    Panic bars can be attached on both single or pair doors.

    They are matched delayed egress, controlled access doors, controlled escape, or free egress.

    They are necessary to be installed only on fire doors because it is required.

    Consistently, the hardware is certified safe for fire conditions.

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