Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

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    Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

    Being in a rush situation during this quick changing world can sometimes generate different problems; some of these problems are related to your keys and locks.

    A good scenario of this one is that you are rushing for an appointment, and suddenly your keys break upon unlocking your door.

    Thus, this is a situation that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

    If you’re in Markham and also wondering why this is important? Then, the main answer is that you might welcome some of the burglars and thieves in your area of responsibility.

    Having a broken lock makes their job easier.

    You wouldn’t want that, don’t you? These types of security issues could even make your car, home and your business establishment in a dangerous situation.

    In order to save you from this unpleasant situation, a need to call for a locksmith in Markham is a must.

    Stay with us because we will be answering your inquiries regarding the “Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks” issues.

    What is a mechanical lock?

    Mechanical locks are types of locks that have a secured opening that keeps a door unopened until the mechanism is being activated that releases its security.

    This can be done using a lever, door knobs, and keys.

    It also comes with four types.

    First, the cylinder lock is a type of lock usually known as the most common lock ‘pin tumbler’.

    This is because of its mechanism that functions as a series of internal pins that moves around the cylinders insides when key is inserted due to the keys’ unique edges that are serrated.

    The cylinder lock can provide a medium security level and common lock changes are available.

    It is a widely used lock that uses a master key to open different types of doors regardless of the types of cylinder locks.

    In addition, the wafer tumblers, disc tumblers and pin tumblers are the three top choices of cylinder locks.

    Second, the spring bolt lock is the type of lock that uses a spring in order to generate a grip to its bolt in place; the spring allows retraction due to the force that is applied by the bolt.

    Thus, it mounts securely to a plate that is hollow and it is connected to the frame of the doors.

    Third, the mortise lock is a sturdy type of lock that specializes in a locking system that is fitted inside the door or the furniture in order to provide a more secure facility.

    This is also way better in terms of protection against unwanted entries than that of the cylinder locks.

    Lastly, the deadbolt is a type of locking mechanism that is having a bolt in which it can be activated by the use of a key or by turning your thumb on it.

    This also provides better security it doesn’t uses a spring that’s why it’s a jimmy proof type of security.

    What is an electronic lock?

    We are in an era wherein technology is vastly growing and electricity is being used in almost all sorts of field to provide a better service and byproduct.

    Locks are devices that provide security and it is not being left behind.

    Electronic locks are lock system that is run by electricity and can also stand-alone having an electric assembles that controls it.

    It can also be monitors and maneuvered by using a remote control both on locking and unlocking it.

    This type of locking system creates comfort to the users as well as an extra form of security.

    Since it is run by electricity, you can also add some alarms and sensors regarding the unwanted entries that provide further security to your protected area of responsibility.

    Are mechanical locks safer than electronic locks?

    It is obvious that locks are the basic security that we can ever have in terms of protection, thus, having one provides comfort and assurance.

    Mechanical locks are locks that can give you certain protection depending on the needs and wants of it.

    From a medium type of security up to a high type of security, these mechanical locks can surely provide them for you.

    Both mechanical and electronic locks are providing safety, but combining these two types of locks can give you a better security.

    This may also hurt your budget even further as electronic locks costs more than that of the mechanical locks so you need to properly consider your budget before planning to install one.

    Who will you call regarding these types of locks issues?

    Pick4 Locksmith is the best in Markham because of our highly trained professional locksmiths.

    Not only that we are packed with licenses and skills, we are also conducting annual trainings to improve the quality of our services.

    If you are in an emergency situation and you don’t know whom to call, and then worry not because our services also cover the mobile locksmithing.

    So, if you are having trouble about “Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks” then have no worries.

    Call us with our 247 hotline! Help yourself and help others by spreading the news.

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