Why Is My Car Key Not Working

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    Why Is My Car Key Not Working

    Do you own or are you currently borrowing an expensive car?

    Are you someone who is always in a hurry for errands or meetings?

    Do you always travel using your car and would always forget to bring a spare car key?

    If you are, then it would be infuriating if your car key is not functioning properly.

    These could cause delays that could cause you your time, money, and patience.

    Furthermore, in case of an emergency, this could be a dangerous situation, because it would prevent you from using your car to get help.

    This is a threat to you and your car’s safety as well as your own convenience.

    Don’t hesitate to call expert smiths to help you with the keys to your car.

    Know the type of car key that you are using

    In a situation where the key of your car fails to function correctly, a locksmith will immediately ask you what type of car key you are using.

    One of the most common misconceptions is that there is only one type of key but with multiple designs that makes it look nice.

    However, this is far from the truth, because there are three kinds of car keys that are used, and before they can fix your keys, you need to say what type it is.

    The first type of car key that you should be familiar with is the traditional car key.

    These keys are the old school keys that are almost similar to the keys you use on your door handle.

    These are the first ever car keys used for old cars.

    The second type of car key is the transponder car key.

    This key allows you to have a more secured connection between your car and your keys.

    This is an updated version of a traditional key.

    It has a key, but also has sensors in it.

    However, unlike a traditional car key, a transponder allows you to use sensors to activate the mechanism that all wows your door to lock and unlock on its own.

    The key at the end of a transponder is only for emergencies.

    The final and latest model of car key is the keyless entry fobs.

    This is an improved version of a transponder key that no longer has an actual key attached in it.

    The keyless entry fob is a key that operates your entire car door’s lock system with a push of a button.

    This is a more practical approach that is suitable for modern cars.

    After knowing which of these types of car keys you are using, your locksmith will be able to prepare the needed tools that can repair your key as fast as possible.

    Most common reasons why your car key is not working properly

    There are multiple possible reasons that your car key is not working properly.

    If you are using a transponder car key or a keyless entry fob, then the reason is probably inside your key’s system.

    First, your transponder might not be the reason it’s not working.

    A damaged lock could be the reason why you can’t open or close your door.

    The key might work, but the lock is damaged, which you will need a smith to repair.

    Second, the Ignition cylinder might have malfunctions.

    If you call a mobile locksmith, the smith would probably check the cylinder which could hinder the transponder from working properly.

    Finally, the key fob might have a problem that could require delicate repairs from a smith.

    Your local smith can fix this easily, so just allow them.

    Should I replace my car key or get it repaired?

    The first thing that a locksmith would suggest to you when you ask them ‘why is my car key not working’ is that you should get it repaired and not yet replaced.

    Most people would immediately attempt to replace it, so they won’t have to wait for a smith to repair it.

    However, this is not practical, especially if you are looking at the price of a repair and full replacement.

    Trust your local smithy, especially the one with a good reputation, so that you will know if your car key is worth repairing or just decide to replace it.

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