What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

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    What Is Smart Lock? And Should I Install One?

    Most of us know that locks and keys are no longer enough to keep us safe from danger.

    These old-school securities are also not convenient enough to use in this fast-paced world.

    If you are someone who prefers convenience to practicality, then a smart lock is certainly for you.

    It is important that you don’t just feel safe in your home and office, but you must feel comfortable enough to operate it smoothly.

    Do not settle for old-school dumb locks that need you to put too much effort.

    Get your own smart lock now and level up your security and your convenience.

    Why should I install a smart lock in my house?

    If you mind starts asking you ‘what is smart lock? And should I install one?’ do not hesitate to call your local locksmith and let them help you.

    Moreover, this is the security of the future that will allow you to have security with convenience.

    A smart lock installation in your home is the upgraded security that a modern person like you need.

    This high-tech security lock is an electromechanical lock that controls the locks on your homes using your Smartphone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

    Is there only one type of smart lock that I can install for my home?

    Before installing a smart lock, you must be familiar enough with the types of smart locks, because there are three common types of smart locks, not just one.

    In addition, by knowing these locks, you will be able to choose the best one for your homes or offices.

    The first type of smart lock that you can install is the August Smart Lock.

    This type of smart lock is one of the most expensive locks in the world due to its enhanced security and design.

    Hence, this particular type of smart lock is available in all Apple Stores everywhere in the world.

    The second type is the Lockitron Bolt which allows its user to control the locks of their homes using a Smartphone or web application.

    This is useful for those who always lose their keys.

    The third type of smart lock is the Goji Smart Lock which is packed with different features in its own on-lock welcome screen.

    Moreover, smart lock can be operated using your Smartphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Fob.

    What are the possible problems I could encounter when using a smart lock?

    As amazing as these locks sound, like any other machinery, there will always be problems that you can encounter with your smart locks.

    Therefore, know the risks of owning one before purchasing one.

    Firstly, in a rare case that there will be a citywide blackout, then that is a possibly dangerous situation because your automatic lock requires power to function.

    Secondly, this expensive lock also requires expensive repairs if you manage to damage it severely due to carelessness.

    Finally, since your automatic lock requires batteries or electricity once it runs out of power, you could get locked out or inside of your house, car or garage.

    Without help from others, you could be in danger.

    Aside from these situations, there are still many cons, but once you know them, then you can find the best prevention and solution.

    All locks have their own problems; how you and your locksmith respond is what matters most.

    Replace your old-school lock with the new smart lock now!

    Your old locks, chains, and keys are not convenient when you are a busy person, which is why installing a smart lock is the most convenient decision you will make.

    This lock will help you increase your security without compromising your comfort.

    The longer you wait to replace that old rusty lock, the longer you are risking your security and jeopardizing your convenience.

    Hence, do not risk your security with a metal lock that even kids can open.

    Install your smart lock now and outsmart your robbers, pranksters, and kids.

    This is the best investment that you can make to secure a better and more comfortable home and office.

    Which locksmith in Markham should install my smart lock?

    Not all locksmiths in Markham are updated with the latest security systems that the technological world can offer.

    Most locksmiths here are traditional, and prefer installing, repairing and maintaining old-school locks and keys.

    However, a locksmith in Markham has been known to always reach the standard that the government requires.

    This includes being updated to the latest technological advancement in the locksmith industry.

    Pick4 Locksmith is the locksmith in Markham that can install your state-of-the-art locks.

    We are the smithy that can make sure we don’t just give the best installations, but we give the best instructions on how to use your smart locks safely and effectively.

    Pick4 Locksmith: the smart lock installer that your house needs

    A smart lock installment requires specific tools as well as in-depth knowledge about the mechanisms and programs that also requires expert attention.

    Pick4 Locksmith has technicians trained to install all types of smart locks.

    We are the handy man that can provide installments and tutorials for you to master your modern lock with ease.

    Furthermore, we can install your new lock quickly with our mobile locksmith services.

    So stop asking yourself ‘what is a smart lock? And should I install one?’ instead, ask our customer service about our smart lock installment, and let us do it for you!

    Pick4 Locksmith is the smithy that can replace your dumb locks to smart locks in a breeze!

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